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CrossPoint Nazarene  Church

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Vision 820

Building Updates:

Our Vision for the Future

November 19, 2006

God says to us in Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” The River Oaks Church of the Nazarene began in 1957 as a result of a giant vision that was birthed in the hearts of Leo and Vi Willison. This vision has been realized through five decades, four meeting locations, and thousands of people being touched with the power of the Gospel. We envision a church where change happens; a safe place where men and women, teens and children of all walks of life can find love and acceptance, help and hope, forgiveness and encouragement through the Good News of Jesus Christ.


We envision the acquisition or construction of a facility in the rapidly growing northwest quadrant of Fort Worth. We envision easily accessible facilities that are attractive, practical and purposeful. We envision a facility that will serve as a tool to minister to the spiritual, physical, and social needs of people. We envision a state of the art worship center, quality recreational facilities, counseling and prayer centers, modern and inviting children and teen centers, and classrooms for Bible study and leadership training. We envision a physical plant that honors God through excellence and is known throughout the community. We envision our facility being used by the community for any purpose that strengthens the moral fabric of the community. We envision a facility that is used for God’s glory seven days a week.


We envision every person, small group, and our entire church body united together in fervent and ongoing prayer. We envision prayer warriors at work before, during, and after all services and events. We envision a “prayer chapel” in our new facility that is available anytime for the purpose of prayer. We envision our church embracing an attitude of total dependence on God for the purposes of seeing His involvement throughout the joys and struggles of daily life. We envision a church that is fervently praying for a change of heart in those who are lost and living outside a relationship with Jesus Christ.


We envision a church where the Spirit of God is sensed from the time one enters the property. We envision an atmosphere of excitement from the time one is greeted in the parking lot, throughout the entire experience of worship, discipleship, and fellowship, until they leave the grounds. We envision a church where families make worship, Bible study, and Christian fellowship their highest priority.


We envision a church that is fluid. We believe the body of Christ is not confined to the walls of the church building. We envision a church body that joins together in taking our Christian walk into everyday life. We envision our members using lifestyle and friendship evangelism to build relationships with the unchurched. We envision reaching every area of Fort Worth from which we have members. We envision block parties and neighborhood services that are led by our members as a way of connecting with people and sharing God’s love.


We envision a church with a clear plan of action regarding spiritual growth and maturity. We envision strong and consistent ministries that help a person move from where they are in Christ to new and higher levels of faith. We envision a church where everyone is striving to become more like Christ.


We envision a church that places special emphasis on the youth of our community. We envision reaching out to young families by offering ministries such as help with marriage and relationships, parenting, managing money, divorce care and single parent support, setting boundaries, ESL, and more. We envision a possible relationship with a Christian based day care and/or school that would bring young people into our facility. We envision a church where families chose to visit because of our reputation for loving their children. We envision kids who can’t wait to “go to church” because church is fun, and they sense a spirit of Godly and contagious love. We envision young people being called by God into ministry because of our emphasis on children and teens.


We envision a church where the weekly worship experience fosters our mission. We envision a worship service done with excellence, yet open and flexible to the movement of God. We envision a blended service of music (both old and new), prayer, multimedia, drama, and preaching of the Word of God. We envision a worship experience where the worshipper leaves with the assurance they have met with God and have been encouraged, challenged, and changed.


We envision a church that is so unified in spirit and passionate for souls, that more than 500 people experience change through the power of Christ, are nurtured in their faith, and are welcomed into membership. We envision a church that never loses sight of the Great Commission of Christ: To go into all the world with the Gospel. We envision a church that never loses sight of the Great Commandment of Christ: To love God with all our hearts and to love our neighbor as ourselves.


We envision a church that is mission minded. We envision the continuation of financial support for over 700 Nazarene missionaries around the world. We envision a strong emphasis on world missions through our Christian Education programs. We envision youth and adult short and long term mission adventures on a regular basis.


We envision a church with a new name, yet an old faith. We stand on our fifty-year history of faithfulness and hope. While names and addresses change, the mission remains the same. We envision a church that remembers the past, lives in the present, and dreams for the future.

We are finally inside!!!


A HUGE thank you to everyone who has helped make this move happen. Tireless hours were spent by many in the church body building, cleaning, moving, planting, painting, and all sorts of jobs that needed to be done before we could move in. One of the defining characteristics of CrossPoint is the servant character of its members!