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When earthquakes, typhoons, tornadoes, or other catastrophic events hit somewhere in the world, our international Nazarene Compassionate Ministries team is always among the first to respond. One of the ways they respond is by distributing Crisis Care Kits to those who have been impacted. The Crisis Care Kits come from local congregations just like ours. With the recent flooding in West Virginia and now in Louisiana they are needed more than ever. Instructions and a shopping list are to be followed exactly. We will collect these items and store them at the church until it's time to ship them.


Download the instructions Below:

School Pal-Paks

School Pal-Paks provide students in Nazarene primary schools with the supplies they need to facilitate learning, such as pencils, scissors, etc. (for a complete contents list, see instructions).


The Church of the Nazarene operates numerous primary schools around the world, providing quality education for children. Unfortunately, children around the world often do not have the supplies needed for school. In countries with economic challenges, families cannot afford to purchase supplies, or siblings are often required to share the supplies.


In response to the need, Nazarene Missions International partnered with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, Inc. (NCM, Inc.) to provide School Pal-Paks. Since children and youth identify with the need for school supplies, School Pal-Paks is a great way to involve children and youth in missions. Of course, adults can participate in Pal-Paks, too! Similar to Crisis Care Kits, the Pal-Paks will be distributed by NCM, Inc. based on need and availability. With school starting and families are purchasing school supplies for their children consider picking up some extra and be sure to follow the instructions closely.


Download the instruction Below: