The heart of CrossPoint Children's Ministry is to connect kids to God by teaching them real, applicable, and biblical life skills to help them face life with a concrete understanding of the truth. This is accomplished through Biblical lessons, spirit-filled worship, fun activities, and through the forging of life-long relationships with their peers, teachers, and the church at large.


The mission of Crossfire Youth is to empower teens to love and grow as disciples, firmly grounded in Christ. Our youth are our future church, business, political, economic, and family leaders. As a result, we have a responsibility to equip them with all they need to be Godly leaders.


Ofrecemos una clase de escuela dominical en español para adultos y traducción en vivo de nuestros servicios de domingo por la mañana. La clase de la escuela dominical se reúne durante la hora normal de la Escuela Dominical en el Centro de Adoración y es impartida por el pastor Santiago Rueda.


The Women of Crosspoint host several events throughout the year, including a Lady's Tea, the annual Ornament Exchange, and a weekly bible study Thursday mornings at 10. The bible study is hosted by Anna Derbyshire and will begin January 18th. Keep an eye on the 'Events' page for all the latest activities!


Worship goes beyond the music at Crosspoint. While we play a mix of contemporary and traditional songs, our true goal is to lead people into the presence of our King every time we meet. We are always looking for talented individuals with a heart to serve their King by making him known through music and technology. Use the form on the 'Contact Us' page to request info about how to get involved.


Active senior adults mobilizing as a community to work, play, worship, minister and pray! The senior adults of CrossPoint are actively engaged in the life and ministry of the church and fully supporting the vision of the congregation. Every senior is an important member of the body and has a contribution to make. Check the 'Events' page to stay up to date on all the latest events!