Church of the Nazarene 

CrossPoint Nazarene  Church

3000 NW Loop 820

Fort Worth TX 76179




Sundays @ 10:30 am

Core Values

The following list of core values is the result of months of reflection on our ministries, listening to our church body, and calling on the Lord. We believe God has given us these values, and they will serve as a foundation for leading us into the future. Some of these values are actual, meaning they are evident in our ministries today. Some of these values are aspirational, meaning we are committed to making them evident in our future ministries.



Prayer is not just a core value, it is central to all of CrossPoint Church. We value prayer as the foundation of every ministry. Prayer is the key to effective preaching, overcoming obstacles, pleasing God, the reality of miracles, and the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit in every service.



We value worship services that are celebrative, inspiring, and intimate. We express our love to our Lord through music and learn the relevant truths of God through biblical preaching.



We value relationships with one another and living life together. There is a place for you here no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. Ours is a community where everyone is accepted and loved.



We value the life changing power of Jesus Christ for all people. Our heartbeat is for everyone to receive the spiritual transformation that comes through a personal relationship with Christ.



We value solid Biblical training through settings such as Bible fellowship classes, small groups, and community worship. We aim for all to become active representatives of Christ, excited to use their spiritual gifts to impact others.



We value giving of ourselves to others. We serve through our time, talents and money for the work of the church and in compassionate ministries both within the body of Christ and without. We believe God blesses the cheerful and generous giver.


Young People

We value young people. While the young and old are equally loved, we place a special emphasis on reaching out to and caring for the children and teenagers of our community.



We value unity among the church community. We actively encourage and support each other, believing the best in one another.


Holy Living

We value living a holy life – enabled by God’s Spirit dwelling in us and exemplified by love, character, humility and passionate spirituality.



We value honoring God by pursuing excellence in all we do.